American Hustle

American Hustle



watch32 American Hustle full length streaming movie free online the Positives: Excellent cast, good acting. Beautiful 70s costumes. Believable. Excellent soundtrack.

watch American Hustle free movie online the Negatives: the story is SLOW. Something about the writing, it seems nothing much happens for most of the film. the movie is TOO LONG. I kept waiting for something to blow me away, but nothing. I left the movie feeling underwhelmed.

watch American Hustle online free full If I had watched this at home, I would have fallen asleep for sure, and would have not been motivated to go back and finish the movie.

watch American Hustle full streaming movie online Also, I do NOT think anyone on this film should win any kind of award (specifically Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence). Not that they weren’t good, because they were great, BUT I think other actors in other movies deserve to win (ex. the lead actress in “12 Years a Slave”). The actors in this movie seemed like they were just *playing*, having fun (exception: Christian Bale, who is scary, the way he transforms).